The Community Catholic
 Church of Canada

An Inclusive and Progressive Community in the Catholic/Anglican Tradition

   Where You Are Part of the Family 

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Welcome to our Home on the Web!

Formerly The Old Catholic Church of Canada, we are now The Community Catholic Church of Canada. This marks an exciting new era in our Church's history as we reach out to all in the name of God's Love.

Our Presiding Bishop is The Most Reverend Deborah Vaughan.  Our mission is to live the two great commandments given to us by Jesus: to love God and to love our neighbour as ourselves.

Drawing from Catholic/Anglican traditions, we are open to ALL who wish to worship in an affirming, Christ-centred community where questions are welcome and spiritual journeys are honoured.

You are most welcome here!

The Community Catholic Church of Canada was established in 1960 as the Old Catholic Church of Canada. 

We find our roots in the Old Catholic tradition and have valid orders, sacraments, and apostolic succession.   The CCCC is both an inclusive and progressive expression of the richness of the Catholic/Anglican tradition.

The heart of our message is Love.  Those who are seeking a place to fully be themselves and be embraced by the One who created all, will find welcome in one of our parishes.

We invite you to browse through this website and find out more about us. 


  • you have questions about your faith; 
  • the Church is not a place of peace for you any longer;
  • you are longing to find a community that celebrates spirituality and also celebrates the sacraments in vibrant ways...

then you may find a home here.

Blessings on your journey!  

+Archbishop Deborah and the clergy of the CCCC

Please Note

It is has come to our attention that Reverend Karen Pitt and the Lazarus Community Church shows an affiliation with the Community Catholic Church of Canada on their website. This is not the case. Rev. Pitt and the Lazarus Community Church are no longer, in any way, related to our organization. Any questions or concerns should be directed to the Ministry of Government Services in Thunder Bay.

Thank you. 

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